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SERPD and Sphinn both get my vote, and here's why.
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from AndyBeard 2918 Days ago #
Votes: -1

SERPD doesn't currently get my vote

Why would I push my audience to vote on SERPD when a retweet would guarantee some level of traffic and viral distribution?

There is also a quality problem.

from sithburns 2918 Days ago #
Votes: 2


what is the quality problem.

I agree with the writer that adding more venues for our community is a good thing. As long as quality and fairness are able to be maintained. Finally a fair and balanced view on the subject :)

from springboardseo 2917 Days ago #
Votes: 0


Thanks for your input.

I don't completely understand your point of view though.

Haven't you submitted and published to Sphinn before this month's change in vote system? That would have been similar to "pushing your audience to vote on SERPD" Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

Also, the way I see it, I don't see submitting to social news sites as pushing my audience to vote, but rather as a means of finding new audience members.

I really like the synergy of various social media vehicles for spreading content. The more avenues the better. I find it fascinating to watch when it's done properly.

from AndyBeard 2917 Days ago #
Votes: -1

For me there was a quality problem

I saw junk submitted and happily voted on by the moderators thus pushing the junk to the front page.

Yet at the same time I saw criticism that somehow Sphinn's old system of voting rings shouldn't be replaced and that the moderation team at SPhinn would be biased.

So seeing a voting ring of moderators on SERPD for poor quality content on my first visit (what I consider poor content - my opinion may be different to yours) gives me absolutely no confidence in the site.

Did I submit to Sphinn in the past? Yes though I took close to a 2 year hiatus for various reasons that are very public.

Did I encourage people to vote - yes... in the days before Twitter and Facebook because a better option and I realised a lot of my audience would just never be accepted here on Sphinn, or would never get the exposure they wanted because measures to counteract voting rings set the bar too high.

Thus any encouraging my audience to vote on Sphinn would have been for purely selfish reasons.

Whereas sharing something I wrote on Twitter there is a win/win - they get retweeted, grow their influence as a source of good content etc.

The days of niche voting sites is in decline - you need much smarter content selection and for want of a technology solution humans are pretty good at it.

from sithburns 2916 Days ago #
Votes: 1


I think your not really being fair in your criticism of SERPd. The site has only been actively taking submission for 4 days and your complaining about moderators submissions and voting. Well if you know another way to test a platform then let me know what that would be. I think getting 150 registrations in three days is pretty remarkable considering it has not been officially launched and the only way anyone knows about it is through word of mouth.

To say you have "absolutely no confidence in the site" after it's been live for four days shows some epic level ignorance on your part. Maybe you weren't aware of how new the site is. I hope that is the case.

The day's of voting sites maybe very well be in decline, or maybe it's just not as easy as it used to be because there are more options now then there were in the past.

Mashable provides some great content and is editor based. Obviously there is an appetite for that type of an outlet. What I think is bad form is taking a site that was built by it's users and then turning it upside down on them. People invest a lot of time and energy  helping to build a site up. Yes they may be doing it for selfish reasons in many cases, but the fact is that the sites like Sphinn benefited greatly from it's users. Without them it would have been nothing today. To take away the heart of what they helped build is going to rightly frustrate many of the core users. Digg is suffering a similar fate. Trying to emulate Twitter, Facebook, or Mashable when you are not them is not going to satisfy the people that are your bread and butter.

from springboardseo 2916 Days ago #
Votes: 0

All valid points Andy.

I have a feeling the mods are probably trying to be encouraging to submitters since it's a brand new site on it's way to becoming a community--I don't know.

I'm just happy there's still the option of a social SEM/SEM news site with public voting--not because I think social news is the epitome of social media or SMM channels, but rather because I just like the diversity.

Twitter and all the other big player social media platforms add huge value, but I'll always love having as many other viable options as possible to synergize my SMM efforts.

Virus carriers from all demographics and channels for the widest spreading virii! :D

from onreact 2916 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Give SERPD a chance. To me it's a budding community with much potential. They will have to face the slow agony of social news and adapt more social networking techniques to succeed in the long run.

Avatar Moderator
from Jill 2916 Days ago #
Votes: 0

springboardseo said:

I'm just happy there's still the option of a social SEM/SEM news site with public voting-

Because you voted so much here? Looks like you mostly just submitted your own stuff and rarely voted on other things.

So what's the real reason you want a voting site if you're not going to vote?

from springboardseo 2915 Days ago #
Votes: 0


There's no correlation between my number of votes on one social news site and my understanding of and experience with its value.

You have people openly criticizing the present value of social news sites. I'm not one of them. I wrote a post stating that I see value in your community. Does it bother you that I see value in another social SEO/SEM news site as well?

I'm engaging in discussion will other members of your community, and just last night I promoted two stories from your site on Twitter if your insinuating that my involvement with Sphinn is purely self-serving.

In return, for my engagement with this community, I get a finger pointed at me by an editor (you), and made to feel uncomfortable.

I'm not the problem here, so please don't treat me as such.

Avatar Moderator
from Jill 2915 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Springboardseo, my apologies if my post made you feel uncomfortable.

I was (and still am) simply confused by your mention of liking the idea of voting sites when it didn't really look to me like you tend to vote much.

And therein lies the problem with the old Sphinn. People seem to like the idea of a voting site, but they (for whatever reason) don't vote (much).

from springboardseo 2915 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Consider me put in my place!

Avatar Administrator
from dannysullivan 2914 Days ago #
Votes: 2

Springboardseo, first -- thanks for your comments. Same for your, Sithburns. And to you, Andy -- it's nice to have you raising points from your perspective.

Springboard, I can see how Jill's comment may have seemed like finger-pointing, but I read it has she further explained -- she's looking at what you're saying (like what others have also said) versus the reality.

Look, who is going to disagree with this statement:

"I like sites where a majority of people have voting to select the best content."

And who is going to agree with this?

"I like sites where a small number of people unilaterally pick what they think is best, regardless of what the majority thinks."

That's how the Sphinn change has been painted. But the reality is that many of the people who said they liked voting simply DID NOT VOTE. And that's of the tiny amount of people here you actually spoke up about the change. Most people who come to the site, about 2,000 or more per day, said nothing.

The most active people here were virtually all people submitting their own content and voting on their own content or content where they had some interest. Not everyone. But that's the bulk of what we saw and were asked to police.

So let rewrite those statements. Who wants to agree with this:

"I like sites where little cliques of people or companies can push whatever they want to being popular, regardless of the quality."

That was the reality. As for the editors, let me rewrite that another way:

"I like sites where a team of knowledgable people go through the "noise" of content that's out there and try to show me some good "signal" that I should pay attention to."

I think that sounds better than the editor system has been painted to be by others.

I'm glad SERPD is there as an option to those who really want to have the voting. As I said over there, perhaps they'll avoid the problems we fought with for three years here, spam and then vote gangs, along with simply declining interest in voting. If so, best for them.

Our experience is that it doesn't work, and so we wanted to try something else here, something we think will be better than what we diligently tried.

from springboardseo 2914 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Hi Danny,

I have no doubts that you did everything possible to make voting work, and I'm sure that any social news site admins could learn a lot from the collective experience of editors/moderators at Sphinn. I can't even imagine to amount of energy it takes to deal with spam on that level as well as voting rings.

I haven't invested even an iota of time or energy compared to the regulars in this community, so I can't really speak about their position or emotions involved with Sphinn abandoning community voting.

All I'm saying is I'm glad that there are two methods of content promotion across that same number of Internet marketing social news sites. Different types/grades of content will float to the top of each community for some welcomed contrast. I see value in both flavors--notwithstanding the challenges of public voting (as well as those of getting people to vote).

Ideally, Internet marketing professionals will engage in both communities for a broader taste of news and interaction.

I know I will :]

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