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It’s been a rough week for Propeller and Digg.  Propeller announced the site is shutting down on October 1st while a report from Hitwise annouced Digg is showingg dramatic losses in traffic from U.S. and U.K. Internet users. So where is everyone going??  Reddit?  Maybe not....
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from seobro 2827 Days ago #
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Thanks for an excellent well researched article on social bookmarking services. I would normally give you a spin up. Sad to see propeller go. Actually, I did like their prop or drop model they were using. In fact, gave many posters their props.

As for the DIGGsaster, we could see that one coming a mile away. They banned many of their power users. After that is was all down hill and I wonder if they can survive.

from pixelrage 2827 Days ago #
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WOW....that Digg that April Fools?! How on earth could it take a nosedive like that?

from AndyBeard 2826 Days ago #
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The Hitwise data grabs headlines but was misleading.

If you look at Alexa data (often inaccurate but we are comparing Digg with Digg)

Pageviews down

Pageviews per user down

Bounce rate up

Time on site down from 6 min to 3.5

Percentage of search traffic up (but compared to overall who knows)

That looks all doom and gloom

But the reach numbers are pretty level... even increased

The overall traffic rank, considering all those negatives above is pretty constant.

So something else is going on

When people log in they go to their "My" page, and it is one click to visit any story, with no toolbar.

There was a period of time after launch that the buttons weren't working very much

The core Digg users didn't click ads much

A lot of the Digg content that was submitted and people saw was very poor for revenue.

The SEO is still terrible on v4, I need to filter the content of my "friends" based upon topic because all my seo and social media friends keep voting on junk I am not interested in.

That is actually unfair "Miss Piggy's Six Sexiest Outfits (PICS)" might be a great article and they might be interested in it, but I am not.

I lost a lot of confidence in Hitwise this week.

from Nunney 2826 Days ago #
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Nice diging, Andy. Isn't the truth of site stats always hidden beneath the headline figures?

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