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Elizabeth Renzetti from the Globe and Mail shares an entertaining look at Google turning 12:  ..."You are a precocious little minx, growing bigger and getting faster every day. I know this makes Larry and Sergey proud, because they have told us that “every millisecond counts.” Google Instant now shaves two to five seconds off each search. I had to sit down when I heard that. What am I going to do with all that extra time? There's a lot of good natured poking done at Google's expense but there's no mistaking the quiet jabs at Google's monopolistic tendencies and massive accumulation of wealth.  What do you think?  Granted Google gives away a lot for free, we love our Gmail and GoogleDocs but at the end of the day, have they been sincerely generous or merely found a way to lull us into begrudging acceptance? Has Google gotten too big and scary?
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from Sebastian 2813 Days ago #
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Here's the clickable link:

and a piece from Valleywag reporting that Google could annually lose $900 million or so due to search results popping up "way too slow":

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from MattMcGee 2813 Days ago #
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I think those of us in the industry are more attuned the Google's creepiness, and have been for a few years now, actually. The question is, Does Joe User also feel that Google is getting creepy? And judging from some of the media articles (like this one), I think that attitude is getting started. And I don't think Eric Schmidt's comments lately are helping at all.

I'll be interested to see the public's response to Google TV. How many people will bring Google in to their living rooms?

from marketingmyinternet 2812 Days ago #
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@MattMcGee. Well said!

The thing is Google will continue to test the limits just because it can and people cant do anything about it until they step up. Google is a major part of my internet marketing campaign and personally, even though I know that it is testing the limits, I purposefully choose to turn a blind eye because they are critical for my efforts. Google knows this too. Also, with the gov't in it's pocket, and the fact that they are THE major internet powerhouse, Google will go unchecked. This can definitely be defined as a love-hate relationship.

from SEOthomas 2810 Days ago #
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I read somewhere that Google has more pernoal data than has ever been amassed in the History of the World.

And if you think about it they do

What you search for

The Websites you visit

Google Maps (a photo of your house)

and on and on

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