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Daily Kos has launched a grassroots-based search engine optimization campaign called "Grassroots SEO" for short. "The goal of Grassroots SEO is to get as many undecided voters as possible to read the most damaging news article about the Republican candidate for Congress in their district."
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from MattMcGee 2779 Days ago #
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I really can't stand where political discourse and debate has gone in this country. The level of hate between the left and right is disgusting. And it's completely contradictory to what true leadership involves. Wish we could throw out both parties and start all over.

from tedster 2779 Days ago #
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The real pain is that so-called "leadership" is exploiting the worst in the general population instead of inspiring the best. This is nothing more than manipulation for the sake of power - it is not leadership or statesmanship at all.

This morning I read a potent Letter to the Editor in my home town newspaper that made a very salient point:

"My definition of patriotism includes having some degree of compassion toward and connection with all Americans specifically because they are fellow Americans."

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from Jill 2779 Days ago #
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Wish we could throw out both parties and start all over.

There are many out there working on doing just that! (My daughter for one.)

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from MattMcGee 2779 Days ago #
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I like that, Ted -- well said. And not just compassion/connection, but how about recognizing that maybe, just maybe, the "other side" has some good ideas, too? I have no respect for Dems or Repubs who think every idea from their own party is brilliant and every idea from the other side is terrible. Part of leadership is realizing that great ideas often come from intelligent disagreement, and quashing dissent is a great way to kill growth.

Jill - whatever she's doing, I wish her luck. :-)

Meanwhile, back to the main topic here, eConsultancy has an interesting post about this: The Daily Kos wants to manipulate Google's SERPs. Will Google let it?.

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