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Brian Solis says "Facebook started out as a social network, but it is officially growing into a full-fledged personal OS, where friends and experiences are interconnected inside and outside of Facebook. And, at the center of everything is you." An interesting and intelligent piece that looks at Facebook and Google in the overall, future landscape.
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from MattMcGee 2733 Days ago #
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I would add that I don't agree with all of Brian's points. Particularly, the idea that "the future of search is social" is way overblown. Generalizations like that don't take into account

* that humans are all different and no matter how "friends like us" we have, no one's the same and no one has the same interests as me -- ultimately, I may be interested in what my friends like, but I want what I like

* there are many kinds of (and reasons for) searching, and not all lend themselves to a social element

Still, a good read.

from j21media 2731 Days ago #
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I would have to agree with MattMcGee and say that Facebook is a long way from becoming the main player in terms of search. Fact is Facebook cant do to many things all at once and is and always will be a social network. True social networks are a part of search results but I think all we might see in time is Google taking into account how many 'likes' a company gets on Facebook and then that will have an impact in the search ranks.

Also you need to note that Facebook still doesnt really have a slippery business sign up section and you can tell when you are inputting commercial details that it still feels like a social network and not a commercial network.

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