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Wouldn’t it be better if Sphinn’s search function returned the newest submissions first rather than the oldest? I think it would help cut down on duplicate stories (which seem to be cropping up more as Sphinn grows). Thoughts?
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from SisterSledge 3828 Days ago #
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Funny, I just noticed this today! I was wondering if it was how they intentionally set it up or if it was a glitch...couldn’t believe it was intended.

from DazzlinDonna 3828 Days ago #
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Would be nice if there was a toggle link to flip between oldest/newest so everyone would be happy.

from AndrewGirdwood 3828 Days ago #
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Good idea Donna. I’d even like to see a way to sort the search so that the most/least sphinns came top.

from MarketingGuy 3827 Days ago #
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Funnily enough I just noticed this earlier on as well. :)  A sort by Sphinn count option would be pretty good as well.  Maybe also filters for only results you’ve Sphinned or commented on (makes it easier to find stuff you didn’t bookmark at the time).

Avatar Administrator
from dannysullivan 3827 Days ago #
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There’s a ton of work we need to do the search. In honesty, it’s going to have to wait until after the New Year, but yeah, we’re aware of it!

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