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Who is really copying who and who is most ethical? Is clickstream data valid and ethical at all? And why did Google chose to break the news now? Is it just another Google hoax?
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from davidjbullock 2665 Days ago #
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Poorly written and argued.  Weak to misinformed foundation.

from demib 2665 Days ago #
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The post is absolutely not misinformed. I do know what I am talking about. You just seem to disagree which you are perfectly entitled to do :)Clickstream data is valid and perfectly ethical to use - both Google and Bing do. Google is just the only one feeling upset about it. Once again Google apparently think there are different standards for them than anyone else. That is indeed childish in my mind.

from seobro 2665 Days ago #
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Believe or not, lately bing results are better now than google. This is because they focus on body copy. All google looks at are links and many of these are purchased so it is not that good of a signal anymore.

Also, google gives priority to sites with big names. Yeah, even it they only marginally cover an area. As a result bing is more accurate now. This probably has google upset because microsoft could take over search.

Please remember Word Perfect, then came Microsoft Word, Lotus 123, then came XL, dBase III, then came access.

For those of you with short memories. I still remember Netscape 1.0 it was max. Then came IE and it was free, it took a few years. However, netscape was soon gone.

from seotheory 2664 Days ago #
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Looks good to me.  But I'm getting a little burned on out all the tit-for-tat stuff.  I doubt many more people will change their minds over Google's lack of ethics at this point.

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