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Marty Weintraub’s recap of the SES Chicago session on common methods agencies and consultants price their SEM campaigns and what the potential advantages and pitfalls may be. Nice overview of the different strategies and pricing models.
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from kevinheisler 3819 Days ago #
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Marty, i have to agree with Jill. I’ve recommended SES attendees read your blog to catch up anything they missed -- even if they were in the session! I’ve received terrific feedback from attendees who’ve told me how much they appreciate your efforts.

from aimClear 3819 Days ago #
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@ Jill, Kevin: Thank you so much. It’s actually pretty hard work, as I’m sure you both totally know.That said, I learn a lot by this method and make wonderful friends. Blogging shows is a great way to build an online publication. Ya’ll were very very sweet to me and my associate blogger here. Thanks for your grace. Thanks for the pleasure.Last year I attended SES Chicago focused on the agency track, went home, and grew our company X 4 to 4 FTEs on the wings of information and inspiration. I set my sights on blogging the New York conference and set goals for the brand new blog.I had read Rand’s writing on SEM business models but being in the ROOM with folks that had been down the road helped quite a bit. I’ve been in SEO/SEM since 1995 but am relativly new to this community, within the last 2 years.The ETHIC of the SEM community is to share to mutual benifit, profit, and fun. That’s what I love about SMX,Danny’s crew, and my friends @ SES. It’s all good.I’m going to take the first quarter of 08 off from conferences and focus on building out aimClear (the company) and then speak at the Portland PDX event in March. aimClear takes the same pride with our amazing clients as we do blogging shows, things are going so well, and our staff needs my attention :) . At the end of the day, I’m just happy to practice my craft and know ya’ll. Thank you again.

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