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In January, Google promised that it would take action against content farms that were gaining top listings with “shallow” or “low-quality” content. Now the company is delivering, announcing a change to its ranking algorithm designed take out such material. New Change Impacts 12% Of US Results
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from alfredopalconit 3006 Days ago #
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thanks for the info. we will monitor our traffic on our end :)

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from ajkohn2001 3005 Days ago #
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I'm disappointed to see Google address the symptom of the problem and not the cause. And I think it's scary to think that Google changed the algorithm to meet some pre-determined and subjective view of content quality. By who's measure? By Vivek Wadhwa, Paul Kedrosky and Michael Arrington?

Google hasn't lost market share and remains the top search engine in customer satisfaction. So what exactly are they doing making a massive change like this?

Did the everyman really rise up and vote with their clicks? Doesn't seem like it.

Google doesn't trust us to know any better. It's not about what we want, it's about what Google thinks we should want. By that logic shouldn't Ke$ha be off the radio?

from seobro 3005 Days ago #
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It reminds me of Blizzard Entertainment shutting down the gold farmers that were farming for gold on wow.

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