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I just read the post about google slightly changing the algorithm. How bad do you think its going to affect internet marketers. I mean everyone uses article marketing to get traffic (well except me of course). Has anyone see a significant decrease in the amount of traffic that they have been receiving? Let's hear your story.
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from dannysullivan 2849 Days ago #
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I've been curious if the update might hit news blogs like the Huffington Post or even our own Search Engine Land blog. We have original content, but we also summarize stories that are written by others.

Personally, I never want to outrank an original source that we might simply be summarizing. We do that to help spread the news, but I'm not expecting it to generate much search traffic. If we win in search, I want that to be with our original content or when we add substantial value.

To see if we were hit, I went into Google Analytics, then to Traffic Sources, then to Search Engines and drilled into Google. Any slap should register as a drop in traffic related to keyword searches on Google. I looked from Sunday, Feb. 20 through what data is in today.

We went up a bit on Monday, Feb. 21 from the weekend, as you'd expect during the work week. We went up slightly on Tuesday and stayed at that level through Friday. The change rolled out on Wednesday and was announced Thursday. Details on that in my SEL post:

So, for us, it seems to have done nothing. No harm, no gain.

from danmartin70 2849 Days ago #
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I own a small e-commerce site, and with as many SKUs as I have... I have to do quite a bit of scraping from manufacturers sites. I have had a lot of panic since I first caught wind of this algorithim update, however since the 24th I have had a 50% jump in my average unique visitors. I have been doing a lot of maintenence on the site, so it is possible the update has not effected my site at all.

As a DIY web business guy I stopped looking for shortcuts in rankings after last April's algorithim change that cut my monthly traffic by about 75%. Now I just try fix all my previous mistakes, and one by one try to write original conent for the products... Which I might add, is not an easy task for dog food.


After going through Google analytics, the line of change for keywords seemed to occur on the 19th. Quite a few landing pages that did well before the 19th have zero traffic after the 19th. The most popular keyword pages after the 19th are the product pages that I have "fixed".

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but now I finally have a clear direction after seeing the pattern in analytics.

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from Jill 2849 Days ago #
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No changes for my site.

I have had a couple of companies tell me they got hit, however. I'll be looking into that more. From what I quickly saw, it appeared that there was a lot of keyword stuffing on the hit sites.

from theGypsy 2848 Days ago #
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Same here, none of the 15 or so accounts I have analytics for had any real movement (one way or the other) as far as referrer traffic is concerned. That being said, I've talked to a lot of folks that were hit and am looking through the various data points to see what might be going on. Anyone willing to share stories/data, feel free to get in touch.

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from incrediblehelp 2848 Days ago #
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I was a little worried about some of the forum sites I manage, but everything looks great so far...knock on wood.  It seems article sites got blasted the most.

from fablau 2840 Days ago #
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I have been hit from this update as you can see from the image below taken from my Google Analytics report for Google traffic coming from the US:

Looks I have lost around 10% of traffic and I am still trying to figure out why. Looks hard to find a defined pattern on my side to understand where to tackle this issue.

My site is a music e-commernce website where we sell mostly pretty unique digital sheet music and have been in business since 1999. We do not have content on our site taken from other websites, our content is 100% original... but, you know, we are a commercial website and maybe the music we sell have the same titles other sites have! Hard to tell why we have been hit... anyway, here is my testimonial.

Here is my site:

I am eager to see your comments.


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