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"I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: (the search and internet marketing social website) is now a pathetic, practically useless, extremely worthless popularity contest.*

Now, before all of you Sphinn-faithful start thinking "Tanner is just looking for attention," or "What a load of crock.": read this entire article before you start making assumptions about my thesis on the state of Sphinn.

For everyone else, I’ll warn you: this is a rant on the state of social networking websites. It’s fairly lengthy and will require at least two coffee breaks."


If this submit doesn’t at last draw some discussion my way and get me on the front page, there’s something wrong.... ;-)
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from sphinndr 3421 Days ago #
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I have been an anonymous user of Sphinn for 4 months, it was only recently I decided to join the ranks of my fellow SEM enthusiasts.  I have to admit I am fond of civilized debate on SEM.  I love to see someone that is passionate about their belief and are willing to put themselves out there with a comment on a post.  I have seen very little of that type of scenario.  Oddly enough there was one started a few days ago, it was a discussion on a side topic of this article.  The post was titled - Sphinn, Mixx and other social sites’ credibility - Voting for vapor.  I would love to see something like this once a week where we can truly have a multiple sided conversation on a topic.  There aren’t many places SEM professionals can go to do this in their own towns.  I know there aren’t alot in my area that I would consider to be at par with the minds of this online community.  Lets keep it going.

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from dannysullivan 3421 Days ago #
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So respectfully, I disagree. I continue to see things going popular from people whom I do not know, from web sites that I haven’t heard of. I’ve discovered many new things through Sphinn personally, and I think many others have, as well.In particular, to say:"Sphinn is a wreck. A pathetic state that could have been avoided if the community had only not gotten so wrapped up in itsself."Just feels way over the line. Seriously, a wreck? As with anything, it can always be improved, but calling it a wreck feels a bit much.I’ve continued to post that we’re adding new features to the site. This is not an easy task. The underlying Pligg software is pretty rudimentary in many ways, in particular for dealing with spam. The last of our spam control efforts go live next week, when members themselves will be able to remove spam.After that, the Desphinning feature I’ve posted before will be next up, hopefully to also go live this month. That will allow members to take away Sphinns from content they think doesn’t deserve to go popular. You’ll be required to leave a comment, and desphinns will be public -- but that should provide a way for the community to help curb some of the inevitable gaming and "please vote for me" stuff that goes on.Spam Jail, Desphinns & Other Coming Features was our discussion and announcement of this, and Tanner, I hope you’ll hang in there for the feature go live. It’s still less than a month since we said it would be coming.In terms of the negative comments for self-submitting, I personally haven’t seen much that. I’ll reiterate that if you have good material, put it out there directly, if you like.As for people asking for votes, it happens, not is it necessarily bad, but we know it can be a problem. Desphinning will help, and we might also notch up the ratio of commenting activity to help a story go popular. It’s not just votes.We’ve got nearly 7,000 members now, and nope, not even the majority of them are focused on their own popularity. The majority come to read and see what the smaller, active submitting and commenting community is doing. And they do a lot. The new sidebar units have also recently come online to help encourage people to see new stuff that’s rising and comments happening.Finally, we hope that in January to finally get going with making use of friends, so that you can get a custom view of what your friends are submitting and voting on. That should help, as well.In the end, feel free to criticize, because that’s great feedback for us to use to improve. But I think many of the things we’ve previously said were coming, and are diligently working on, will help with your concerns.

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from Sebastian 3421 Days ago #
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Writing a comment I got distracted, when I came back Danny’s reply let my empty the clipboard. IOW Tanner you’ve a few good points but I think all of them are addressed already.

from seanmag 3421 Days ago #
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Sphunn, but not because I wholly share your sentiment. I do believe there was a healthy dose of exaggeration in there, but there is also a good deal of legitimacy to what you are saying on both ends of your argument. On one hand, you say that Sphinn is a wreck and a few short paragraphs later, you point out that it can quickly become the future of social media. I don’t agree with either of those two statements. For me, Sphinn is a place where I can search and find some good material and learn stuff regardless of the gaming that is inevitable - particularly as a site starts to gain legs without having fully matured yet. Perhaps if my goal was to get my own articles on the front page, it would be different, but that’s not my goal. As for the begging emails - I get them too, and I ingore them. That’s not how I Sphinn... Eventually, they’ll troll elsewhere for votes. But hopefully they’ll realize they’ve lost some respect in the process.

from baiduyou 3421 Days ago #
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Nothing like a good rant is there? Some decent points made I think...1. There are unquestionably some pretty worthless posts that make the front page (often given a boost by the popularity of the Sphinner).2. To say ’Sphinn is a wreck’ is sensationalist. It’s not perfect, but then nothing is.3. If an article sucks then say so. If we hold each other to account for what we vote on then people are probably less likely to put their name next to ’3 reasons why the Internet is good’ - "You think this is important enough that everyone should see it? WTF have you been drinking?"4. If someone is bothering you by begging for votes, tell them to piss off. Who are these vote whores anyway? No-one has ever asked me to Sphinn their stuff, but if they’re happy that it’s a legitimate tactic they should have no problem with their activities being made public knowledge. Let’s have the gamers’ names.5. "Sphinn can be THE FUTURE of social networking websites... but it has to start with you." You’ve got that right mate. It certainly won’t be starting with people who have taken to avoiding Sphinn.If you’re that bothered then take the lead in making it better; call out the people who are voting for crap and asking for rubbish articles to be Sphunn - we’ve all got opinions on what we think Sphinn should be about - let’s hear them. If you’re still around then the improvements that Danny mentioned as being in the pipeline should definitely help.

from TannerC 3421 Days ago #
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While some of the points made in this article are still mine, the article is almost a month old now and quite a few things have changed. I’ve also become more involved with Sphinn once again and can see that the state of Sphinn is drastically changing.<div></div><div>Long live Sphinn. ;)</div>

from Gamermk 3421 Days ago #
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@TannerC: You say it’s drastically changing, but in your article you said that you went through a low then a high then back to a low and now you are in a high again. (quite the rollercoaster!)So what’s drastically changed? Rants while occasionally entertaining lack the empirical element. Some real numbers for the next time you hit a low coupled with actual examples would certainly create a much stronger article.

from TannerC 3420 Days ago #
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Great idea for an article Gamermk, watch for that soon.

from qwerty 3420 Days ago #
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I agree with Seanmag. It really comes down to how you choose to use the site and what you hope to get out of it. I look for articles of interest, without concern for who wrote or who sphunn it. When I submit something, of course I hope it’ll become popular, but it’s just not a big deal for me.

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