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This entry is NOT a common anchor text entry. It instead describes how to use anchor text to rank more highly and for more terms, than if you’d thrown the same link text at a page over and over. It’s not a "simple" overview of anchor text, but rather a more complicated analysis and method. The rewards are well worth it though.
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from dannysullivan 3778 Days ago #
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Heh -- reminds me of writing title tags to take advantage of overlap.

from wheel 3778 Days ago #
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Another ’stuff I do but never quite put it into writing’ post by slightlyshadyseo. While I believe that quality signals in inbound links trumps just about everything else, what you’re describing is a great way to both rank and bring in lots of traffic from a variety of terms.I encourage you to follow up with a post where you do a related analysis of inbound anchor text from currently ranking sites :).

from SlightlyShadySEO 3778 Days ago #
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hmmm sounds good!My software update will be complete in about 2 hours, so I should have plenty of data coming in soon to analyze :-)As for quality in inbound links mattering, I agree. However, that said, one should never underestimate the effect of hurling a few thousand crap links at a site and seeing what sticks. Just nowadays, you have to slow it down(spread it out over days/weeks/months), and you have to be smart about how you do it.

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from hugoguzman 3778 Days ago #
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Well done, Shady! I’m going to share this with my colleagues. I’ve also utilized this technique in the past but couldn’t quite conceptualize and communicate it the way you did in this post.

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