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We all know how it goes, a client signs up for SEO and is extremely excited about the potential it offers their site.  After the initial on page optimization is completed you get into the 'tough' SEO aka content generation and link building.  At this point its not always easy to get the client to participate whether it be additional content generation or investing additional money for related tasks.  Rankings eventually get stale and site stats starts to flat line. So, in our latest "Discussion of the Week," we ask: What do you do to inspire SEO action?
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from AlanBleiweiss 2591 Days ago #
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Great topic.

The first step I took to inspire SEO action was to start charging for every audit, regardless of size and scope.  From there, I adjusted my audit rates based on the size of the site and competitiveness of the market.

It turns out my intuition was correct - the more a site owner has to pay for an audit, within reason, the more likely only serious site owners will get the audit done.  At the same time, the more they pay within reason, the more respect they give me for my recommendations.

Also, by showing them a chart with a range of competitors, in terms of total pages indexed, inbound link volume / root volume & link to root ratio, I'm able to show them that while proper SEO might not get them to the top of the heap right away, that there are immediate opportunities to get ahead of some competitors.

It's like a tease - enticing them to take action on the principle that they can take it in stages - one step at a time.  That it's not the overwhelming impossibility they might have thought or that my audit findings by themselves (without that competitive sweet-spot chart) would have them believe.

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from hugoguzman 2591 Days ago #
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It depends on the size of the company. If we're dealing with an enterprise-caliber organization, then the best way to inspire SEO action is to get buy-in from the C-level.

It's amazing how quickly IT bottlenecks and marketing/legal approval processes loosen up if the folks in the C-level suite are the ones giving the SEO mandate.

If that's not feasible, another good option is to spend time building a deep level of rapport with the IT/dev team (for on-site SEO) or the marketing/legal approval stakeholder(s) (for link building).

from littlepayday 2591 Days ago #
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I think at some stages of performing SEO with clients, there is a sort of plateau as far as organic visitors, SERPs, etc. that is hard to get past. A good way to keep things fresh and inspired is to constantly look for new SEO/social avenues that might generate traffic.

I had a client that was satisfied with the results of our SEO efforts, but was hesitant to do a more aggressive campaign because he thought it would cost "x amount" extra for only a slight improvement in organic traffic (essentially screwing with his ROI).

To get past this, I introduced some additional channels we could use (video marketing, more viral-type campaigns). Once I brought up these "fresh" ideas to him, he was willing to go further with the resources he dedicated to SEO.

What I took from it - a lot of clients work in fast-paced, dynamic environments, and they might expect to see more dynamic/active approaches in SEO. If this means showing them different things from time to time (even if the foundation of your SEO efforts remains the same), this can sometimes get past any stalemates you experience.

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from JulieJoyce 2591 Days ago #
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As someone who specializes in links, we may have it a bit easier in terms of this, because most people come to us for that one thing. If they contact us, they want us to build links. However, we usually run into the problem of not having our advice taken until we can actually show the client why he or she should listen to us. As Alan suggests, paid audits are a good way to really dig into something and formulate a good plan. When existing clients pay us for in-depth competitive backlink audits, they tend to listen to us a bit more. We also have issues with the fact that while we're building links, nothing else in terms of SEO is going on for various reasons. We do make SEO recommendations but again, it tends to take some serious competitive analysis about what others are doing in order to get the client to make changes. SO yeah, this is a long-winded way of saying that audits are a great way to inspire a client to take action. You show them what everyone else is doing, and they perk their ears up a bit more.

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from MattMcGee 2590 Days ago #
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I try to look for small victories, little pieces of evidence that I can show the client to prove that what's already been done was the right thing(s) to do. The idea being to try to energize them with the world of possibilities that's out there if they keep working.

I also offer to help. Since it's usually smaller businesses I'm working with, they have the option of paying me to do stuff or doing it themselves. If time is not on their side, I make myself available to do as much of what needs to be done that I can do for them.

And lastly comes tough love. The client needs to know that if they stop or give up, all the momentum will go away, the gains they've made will eventually disappear, and they'll be back at square one having spent a lot of money for nothing. It's like gardening -- you have to keep watering to see more growth. And so I warn them that they may have to start the garden from scratch ... re-spend all the same money to redo all the same work.

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