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Ultimate Search Conference 2007! Spend the holidays with these tasty tracks and superstatic sessions.
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from toprank 3805 Days ago #
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Aw damn, that’s clever. So much for my own post about liveblogging conferences. :)

from aimClear 3805 Days ago #
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from johnandrews 3803 Days ago #
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Well, I dare you to "live blog" the Oprah show and publish it to your blog. or CBS Evening News. Or, for that matter, just write a blow-by-blow of a published show and re-publish that. Try blogging a play-by-play of an NBA game. All of the above will get you sued, and the potential penalties are substantial. I’m not completely against this sort of thing, but if I was speaking at getting summarized and featured in such a "virtual conference" by a commercial outfit like BruceClay I’d be talking to my lawyer about it. It’s blatantly commercial use, is it not?

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from dannysullivan 3803 Days ago #
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Well, the posts have already been done -- and those live blogging have generally done it with the full permission of the conference hosts, so it’s not a legal issue to me. As a conference organizer, I can’t say that seeing everything all laid out like a "virtual" conference isn’t a little unnerving. But then again, if that was going to bother me, I’d have to be worried about live blogging in general. I got over that ages ago.Reading the live blogging of a conference is an entirely different thing that being there. Sometimes I’ve read live blogging and thought it had no relationship to the session I was actually in. Sometimes, it’s excellent, capturing lots of key information -- but then it’s still not the same thing as getting the dynamic in the room, the expression on faces (which with say Google itself is valuable), the tone of the presenter and so on. Nor does live blogging take the place of the interaction and networking that goes on.So for me, I’ve long since gotten over it. There are some people who cannot afford to attend a live show -- or how simply feel despite never attending one that they must not have value. OK, so live blogging gives them some sense of what went on. But it doesn’t take the place of the show itself.I will say for SMX West, we’re not likely to give out many free passes to those people who say they want to live blog. There’s no value as an organizer to giving away 20 free passes so that 20 different people can all live blog the same session, when two or three live bloggers are enough. Buy a ticket -- live blog to your heart’s content. But don’t think hmm, I want a free ticket, I know -- I’ll say I’ll live blog. That’s not going to get you in for free, if you haven’t live blogged already on some regular basis.

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