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Admitting im confused, admitting my fears for the world to see. I have a great opportunity but have some questions I wouldn’t mind those more experienced than I to look into.

Thanks for your time, these next few weeks are going to be interesting.
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from qwerty 3806 Days ago #
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Assuming there’s nothing in your contract against taking on freelance clients, and you’re bored when you’re not working, I don’t see anything wrong with taking on a project or two on the side. Don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to become so busy that it affects your performance at the agency.You can continue blogging about the work and research you do on the side, if you want.<font size="2">Anyone I want to talk to in south africa is behind the company that I’m heavily involved in so telling them something like “I’m only here till I can make it on my own” is not really encouraging and not exactly true, it really depends on the potential and opportunities that are offered to me in south africa.</font>I don’t see this as a major problem, as you were brought in under contract instead of joining the company, ostensibly for your entire career. You’ve got a year to figure out whether you want to stay, or if that year was enough time for you to feel ready to continue on your own. If they offer to renew your contract at some insane rate of pay, then you may have a tougher decision to make.

from Gab 3805 Days ago #
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At any rate, I hope you keep participatin on Sphinn. I don’t want that top 20 Sphinners mention to go to waste! ;P

from ViperChill 3804 Days ago #
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haha, im actually gonna map out my online time a lot better after christmas. I used to love checking my feeds, sphinning things and then getting on with my day. At this moment i have over 300 unread items and i have a feeling im just going to click ’mark as read’Thanks for that mention btw, im assuming it was the one on seomoz?

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