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It's been about six months since the Panda (nee Farmer) algorithm first rolled out. There was a lot of speculation early on about how to avoid getting lumped in with the websites and web pages that Panda targets. Now that it's been six months, we've had more time to analyze what Google's doing. So, our "Discussion of the Week" asks -- what have we learned about Panda? What's working now or not working now? What are you doing differently, or what are you doing more of? The floor is open!
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from incrediblehelp 2484 Days ago #
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That Google wont give any feedback for sites affected by Panda through Google re-inclusion requests.

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from toddmintz 2484 Days ago #
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Not to overmonetize with ads if you wish to keep your organic rankings.

from seotheory 2484 Days ago #
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I think people are more sensitive to SEO discussions across the Web than they have been in the past few years.  Panda-related articles on my site almost always attract a huge spike in readers.  Some SEO bloggers have undoubtedly been riding the wave by turning out Panda article after Panda article.

To me that suggests many people who had tuned out a lot of the universal SEO static (the combination of signal and noise) started looking around again.  They came up against something that traditional SEO strategies and tactics couldn't cope with.

I think the SEO community woke up and realized it's still here, still relevant, still has something to learn, and still offers value to people who were becoming numb to all the SEO sales pitches because "they could learn it on the Web".

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from MattMcGee 2484 Days ago #
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I'm actually surprised by how little we seem to have learned. Aside from the initial run of articles/posts about the change, there have been very few accounts of companies having figured out how to recover from Panda.

(Ironically, there's one on Sphinn's home page now a couple stories below this discussion.)

So either

1) very few have actually recovered, which means they haven't learned much of anything yet


2) no one wants to talk about it at this point.

Jaan - do you think Google should tell sites why they were affected? I'd actually give them credit for a few outreach efforts, like the blog post that listed 20+ questions that website owners should ask themselves, etc. I don't think it's been a total black box.

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from nickfb76 2484 Days ago #
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It's not necesarily 'new' but PANDA reasured that original content is extremely important!

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from incrediblehelp 2480 Days ago #
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Sure why not notify site owners, but they wont?  They are being notified now if they are spamming, if the WP install needs upgraded, if the site has malware on it, etc.  The thing about these current notifications is that they all help GOOGLE results and the Google search experience if they are fixed.  Could Google care less if their alog changes dump a site??  My guess is yes and in their minds their results are better for it.

from hugger38 2479 Days ago #
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I think one major point that everybody skirts around is that Google dont like sites with more than a million pages, unless its a brand.  Recovery rates in my experience is slow and also can be misleading at times with traffic returning and then dissapearing again.

from tmerriam 2478 Days ago #
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hugger38 - I'd love to hear more about your comment regarding Google disliking sites with more than a million pages.  Can you expand on this, or provide a link to an article?

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