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Is there ever a time when its 'OK' to 'no-follow' a backlink to a site that offers your audience value?  Do you think it's against SEO ethics to hoard pagerank? More importantly do you believe the linking site gains anything by this approach?
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from nickfb76 2480 Days ago #
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I'll start of this discussion.  NO - I don't think there is an instance where you should be linking out to content that gives VALUE to your audience and applying the 'no-follow' tag.  If you're worried about linking to a bad neighborhood or something a long these lines then they shouldn't be included in your list of resources.

I would also like to note that I don't believe page rank hoarding offers any value to the linkers website.  Yes, it may not exactly be wise to link to your competitors but that's where you make a conscious decision to leave them off the list.

from climaxmedia 2480 Days ago #
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Hoarding pagerank is useless. Tastefully linking out to high quality, authoritative websites is great for your website because of one main reason (in my opinion): RELEVANCE.

Why would'nt you want Google to follow a well anchored link from your site to another RELATED, HIGH QUALITY site?

Nofollow is for privacy statements and sitemaps etc. to prevent duplicate content. If you're putting a link in your website content to another site, let the SE's know you only link to QUALITY by telling them to follow it.

That's my 2 cents.

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from MattMcGee 2480 Days ago #
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Off the top of my head, I can't think of an occasion where I'd no-follow an outbound link to a good page.

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from Jill 2479 Days ago #
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I think that often those nofollow links are put there either through ignorance (scared of linking to anything) or even more often because some stupid CMS has all links default to nofollow.

from seotheory 2479 Days ago #
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You cannot be an SEO and not be knowledgable about what value the link may pass.  If you want your readers to know about a site that you don't like (you know it's trustworthy, you just don't like it), should you give the site potential PageRank and anchor text just because some people in the community might believe it would be unethical to nofollow the link?

We have no standards, so how can we possibly have any ethics that are unique to search engine optimization?  Ethics ARE a type of standard.  And it would be unethical, in my opinion, to require or demand that people do something with their own links that they otherwise would not do.

We should not be berating each other for using or not using "rel='nofollow'" if the choice to (not) use it is knowledgable and purposeful.

from SeanWF 2479 Days ago #
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Of course it's okay to nofollow links that provide value. In fact it's what the attribute was originally intended for: paid, sponsored and affiliate links.

from sweetchild 2476 Days ago #
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I think it is still the webmaster's prerogative to use it or not. Most high end sites which has "rel="nofollow" attributes do not rely most on comments and outbound/inboundlinks. They have a high and strong reputation even without this.

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