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We all know that links are an important part of SEO. The more high-quality inbound links to your site, the better. But what about all those times your company/brand is mentioned, but no link is included? In our "Discussion of the Week," we want to know your opinion: Do mentions that are NOT linked still help with SEO?
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from MattMcGee 2509 Days ago #
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More info: We KNOW that certain unlinked mentions can help with Local SEO. Citations can include mentions of your business name, address, and phone number, whether a website link is included or not. This question is NOT asking about Local SEO, but about general SEO. Does the concept apply to non-local SEO? The floor is open!

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from Jill 2509 Days ago #
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I would say yes, but it's of course going to be difficult to measure of know for sure. It would make sense that if you got a mention on an authoritative site, that it would be helpful.

Matt Cutts mentioned many, many years ago that non-linked URLs are understood as a link. (Not sure if he said they would count the same, however.)

from PeterAttia 2509 Days ago #
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I would imagine they would have some sort of influence, but it seems like it would be hard to measure. I'd be really curious to see a test of this!

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from incrediblehelp 2509 Days ago #
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But how does Google parse that "mention"?  Into the link graph, the content being crawled, both?

from SeanWF 2509 Days ago #
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I would guess the answer is: "Yes, but not directly." I doubt that Google has a distinct algorithm ranking factor that categorizes something as a "brand mention," but I do think that other (indirect) factors are influenced by such content.

from Everfluxx 2501 Days ago #
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> Matt Cutts mentioned many, many years ago that non-linked URLs are understood as a link.


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