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A few points here that may surprise even advanced SEOs..
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from Jill 2477 Days ago #
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While these sound good in theory, there are so many points here which are just out and out untrue. I urge people to read these with a very skeptical mind.

from noaboy 2474 Days ago #
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I think it's a good start to stop black SEO. And the Optimiser should start work to follow all intruction.

from Winooski 2474 Days ago #
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@Jill: OK, I'll bite. Which points do you think are just out and out untrue?

from mjtaylor 2474 Days ago #
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I know you asked Jill, but I'll bite back anyway. Duplicate content and broken links ...

  • I don't believe those 5,000 links lead "almost directly" to a penalty. If I am honest, though I am too afraid it's true to try it. But I hear too many people talk of successfully adding thousands of links in the first few months to believe it always leads.
  • More than two broken links convers a penalty ... nah, though I agree that links to bad neighborhoods will getcha!
  • I don't believe you can have too many outbound links.
  • Oh, the myth of the duplicate content penalty ... sorry, but there is no penalty for that, unless you consider it a penalty that only one of your pages will rank in the SERPs, but the second page will not negatively affect the first.
  • I don't believe a few too many h1s have a negative impact.

from SEOthomas 2473 Days ago #
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For the most part I agree with this post.  And the author did preface tha part about duplicate content by stating it is NOT a penalty.  Its a good read

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