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The phrase “search engines love fresh content” is used hundreds of times every week by people answering beginners questions on SEO forums. Can you really get higher rankings just by adding new content to your static site?
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from BradleyT 3777 Days ago #
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Good example of an article I would de-sphinn.  I would hope most people are smart enough to realize that "fresh content" = "new/unique content".

from SlightlyShadySEO 3777 Days ago #
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I dunno Bradley. Someday, do not promote a site at all. Set it up on wordpress, and make sure to add 10 or so pinging servies[including google] into the software, and post 10 articles, maybe 5-15 minutes apart. [Most of the time] you’l get indexed, and not rank terribly bad(in basic niches). But it will decline if you have no inbound links.Google doesn’t care about fresh content, but it rather enjoys RSS pings.

from IncrediBILL 3776 Days ago #
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Actually Google does care about fresh content and I have many hundreds of pages that change daily and so far today Google indexed 13K of them. Of course Yahoo (9.4K) and MSN (7.7K) are no slouch at rapidly indexing fresh content either.Now, does fresh content equal better rankings?That all depends because I have some sites where my content will hit the top 10 or #1 spot in the same day and others where it doesn’t, but those spots may not last without links to those pages so it’s not always a permanent rank as they slowly slide down the index.Of course there are lots of factors that weigh in on this, but yes it’s possible to rank with fresh content but not easily done for just any old site.Bradley, I agree, a de-sphinn was needed ;)

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