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Vin Goldsmith writes a BRILLIANT piece on getting your work done. Sphinn this if you’re not a deadbeat-lazeabout!

"I deflated it and folded it up neatly and put it way in the back of the closet along[..]

“So…. what does that mean?” she asked.

“Well if you want to exercise you’ll need to go downstairs, find the exercise ball and the pump and then blow it up so you can use it”.

“Nevermind” she said “I’ll just have some Oreos instead”.
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from qwerty 3717 Days ago #
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<blockquote>While I love that you, my dear reader, are reading this post - the fact of the matter is that reading this post is not making you any money. Hell, it isn’t even making me any money. It is the equivalent of eating Oreos when you - and I - should be doing something more productive.</blockquote>Well, at least I’m reading a post about getting work done, rather than watching a video from the 1950s on how to make a sandwich. That’s next.

from bwelford 3717 Days ago #
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There’s gold in them there hills.  So much is quotable, e.g.2) Get in the habit of asking yourself the following question: How is what I am doing right now going to make me money or help me accomplish my goals? If you can’t answer that question - then you can’t consider it as productive time - and you need to start over.Best of the day, congrats.

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