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A new patent application on near duplicate content from Google explores using a combination of document similarity techniques to keep searchers from finding redundant content in search results.
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from billslawski 3770 Days ago #
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Thank you for the sphinn, Kimmie.   I liked this patent application from Google a lot because it provided so many citations to other documents about duplicate and near duplicate content, and provided some good research about those other approaches.

from iamlost 3769 Days ago #
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This issue - and the SEs’ solutions - will become increasingly critical. As duplicate filtering succeeds, and only one instance of that content is ever returned, determining/crediting the original takes on greater value importance. Unfortunately, the SEs do not much weight actual authorship unless hit over the head with a DMCA cudgel.My auto-response ’Thank You’ to Bill for continuing to bring us the future of search as described by patents - in plain language. As always (a couple of years == always in web time, right?) seobythesea sits atop my reading list.

from billslawski 3769 Days ago #
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You’re welcome, iamlost.Like many of the papers/patents about duplicates and near duplicates, this patent application doesn’t talk about how a search engine might distinquish between an original author and someone copying content.  The only patent that I can recall from Google that did address that area was their patent on <a href="">Agent Rank</a>, which relied upon a digital signature like that used in Open ID to sign content, blog posts, blog comments, and other content.

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