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- SEO by the SEA - What I found most interesting about the document was the change in focus of a search engine from crawling and understanding individual pages to understanding how pages within a site relate to each other.

How do the topics and parts of your web site relate to each other, and how might a search engine understand those relationships from different features and aspects of the site, and from links pointed to the pages of the site from other places?
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from billslawski 3202 Days ago #
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Thanks, Dave.The prior art section of this patent application covered a lot of ground in describing how a search engine might look at site wide aspects of a site rather than just individual pages, to do some web site classification.The kind of segmentation of a site described in this patent application (and associated paper) into topical hierarchies would mean that such an analysis could be done with a much finer level of granularity.  That may have some interesting implications for the design and layout of sites into different topical segments, in a topical hierarchy, with attention paid to URLs used, linking patterns, title and anchor text choices, and more.

from theGypsy 3201 Days ago #
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HA.... I only had a quick run through and have bookmarked for further analysis. I remember more than a few stabs at page segmentation methods over the years (ViPS comes to mind). I have always considered it a reasonably evolutionary step, nice to see more of it ... the hierarchies is an interesting ’global’ twist..PS;  was thinking ofdropping U a line last night,figured you’d be headed to SMX... still back home? Shall chat with U later on...(busy busy)

from billslawski 3201 Days ago #
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Page segmentation, site segmentation - the idea is the same - traditional ways of breaking down sites to index them on a URL by URL or Domain by Domain basis have limitations.Be a pleasure talking with you.

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