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Hiring more experienced internet marketers in the hopes of bringing a knowledgeable outside perspective to a constantly evolving set of processes can seem promising. However, finding experienced SEO professionals who are willing to work for an agency can be challenging. This is especially true if working remotely might not be an option. Also, the fact that there are many opportunities to generate substantial income from building, promoting and monetizing one’s own web sites provides less incentive for some to work for a company.
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from johnandrews 3703 Days ago #
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I wanted to reply on lee’s blog but the coment thread was hijacked right from the start. Too bad cause it really derailed the post. Another example of how the web isn’t perfect... I’d definitely clean up all those comments if it were mine, but I suppose that’s a personal decision for the blogger to make. As for the original topic, as an experienced SEO consultant, when an agency brings me onto the team it is not client->company->self for me, but goal goal goal. Out of respect for everyone, my boss is the agency hiring me, and that boss retains all rights to communicate to the client and manage client expectations. My job is very simply be right and be the best I can be, at the goal, *for the agency*.I can see how the agency will have trouble hiring SEOs, though. It has to be tough standing between reality and expectations, reality for the consultant vs. agency business, stated goals vs. actual goals, etc. Of course if I learn an agency hiring me isn’t doing right by the client in the long run, I won’t participate again, as that’s my prerogative. But if you take the work from the agency, your loyalty has to be with that agency no question.

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