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SEOmoz launches their new SEO analytics service which tracks various metrics all in one place. Looks groovy to me!
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from onreact 3728 Days ago #
Votes: -2

I remember being critisized for posting a "sales pitch" on Sphinn so be prepared for a massive desphinn campaign ;-)

from MariosAlexandrou 3728 Days ago #
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There’s a double-standard. But when you have the clout of an SEOmoz and have arguable given away more information for free than 99.9% of everyone else out there, it’s easy to overlook the occasional commercial. Part of what rubs some people the wrong way is the intent of the post. In this case, I’m guessing Tom doesn’t benefit in any way from promoting an SEOmoz tool. Frankly I doubt this will get Desphunn although if I had built the same tool and had it promoted here, I’d likely have the same experience you did :-)

from seanmag 3728 Days ago #
Votes: 2

BREAKING NEWS REPORTLargo, Fl - City of Largo police commissioner Lester Aradi has just reported that the head of a 40yr old caucasian male and resident of Largo, Florida has just spontaneously combusted.In other news, Associated Press reports that Internet Marketing Mogul, Don Lapre has just been named recipient of the coveted "Infomercial of the Year" award.

from LocalHound 3728 Days ago #
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It’s interesting... I dont think ’desphinn’ is working, and it’s the reason its not working that I find interesting.  I think most of us were afraid of the community turning ugly with the ability to desphinn; to organize into angry mobs and parade through the community with torches and pitchforks.  But I think the opposite has happened.Because everyone is a marketer here and because there is no angle or advantage to desphinning; no one does it.  With due respect; this post is purely promotional in nature and as such, I believe, would have been removed by moderators in the past.  But now the moderators could simply say that the community has the desphinn button and thus has the power to control the content.  (Don’t mean to put words in any one’s mouth).  And they would be right... as long as the desphinn button is available; sphinners need to use it.  Otherwise we  will spend a lot more time reading about cool tools like this one... that we can’t have unless we pay.  I deshpunn this post... I wasn’t angry, its not intended to be malicious.  I just believe the desphinn button makes the active sphinner the moderator; but only if we use it.

from Halfdeck 3728 Days ago #
Votes: -1

1) Whatever SEOMOz publishes will be sphunn anyway2) Rand didn’t submit this3) Every submit on Sphinn is promoting one thing or another; that doesn’t matter as long as the majority of the Sphinn community finds value in whatever that’s being promoted.

from 0thelisa 3727 Days ago #
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Is this really Web analtytics or just a souped up version of Technorati?

from LocalHound 3235 Days ago #
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With all due respect to Seomoz, this reads like an ad. It offers a free trial and is only available to premium members.

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