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What makes a title a good one for the personalities that you see in a social setting? In your personal networks?

An insightful and fun exploration on the topic of creating page and article titles for the many people you may find in different social atmospheres.
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from bwelford 3727 Days ago #
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A good review of what’s important to humans, while not forgetting the robots.  By a huge coincidence that’s a blog post I’ve just launched. :)

from SpostareDuro 3726 Days ago #
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Isn’t that funny Barry? We compliment each other well. :-) (Barrys post on titles)

from bwelford 3726 Days ago #
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You’re right, Kimberley. Perhaps Titles have some kind of cyber-energy at the moment that we both were aware of.

from katfrench 3726 Days ago #
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I still say the best training for writing compelling titles is to join a very active topical forum.  If you can go from nobody to "must read" poster in six months, you will have learned how to write magnetic titles.  From a human user standpoint, all the headline needs to do is create curiosity.

from crazycat 3726 Days ago #
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True. People like reading blogs and articles with an interesting title and not boring ones.

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