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Li Evans has a great wrap-up of her SES panel + audience Q&A. Final panelist: William Flaiz, VP SEO & Web Analytics AvenueA/Razorfish and Search Engine Watch Expert: covers Wikipedia, Flickr, Photobucket, Social Profiles, YouTube, Squidoo and more.
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from kevinheisler 3711 Days ago #
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danny voted for this sphinn by SMX Social Media speaker Li Evans: Ucan2 :-)

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from dannysullivan 3711 Days ago #
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Heh. Yea, after you egged me on to do so on Twitter, Kevin. Not that I wouldn’t anyway. I mean we’re running a whole social media marketing show in April (the activity deserves more than just a session), so I totally love this post.But the bribe wasn’t for you to call Li an SMX speaker here on Sphinn. I was saying that if anyone who ever has spoken at Search Engine Strategies event or written for Search Engine Watch is going to be double-hatted when you mention them on SEW (you know, like Adam Lasnik being said to work for Google AND being an SES London speaker), then triple hat them and say they also speak at SMX -- or quadruple hat them and say they also speak at PubCon.It’s like you suddenly own them or lay claim to them with all those references. Personally, I find it a huge turnoff. But hey, maybe it’s just smart marketing, and I should be learning from the master. I’ll get SEW managing editor Kevin Newcomb to maybe do a guest post for Search Engine Land, then I can claim Kevin as one of our own. Jump Kevin Jump!

from storyspinner 3708 Days ago #
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Ummm wow, I go off to train a client and I missed this.Guys, the turn off is... everyone sniping in public in both blantant and  sublte ways.  I’m not saying we all hold hands and sing kumby-ya .... but maybe for a week, maybe we could just all call a truce?i’m going to take a huge step here, put my head on the chopping block so to speak  - but these communities (sphinn, twitter, even company blogs) isn’t the place for it, could you maybe take this private?Also just to clarify a few things here:  1)  I didn’t write this story, my blogger Brian Cosgrove did. 2)  While I didn’t write the story, I did speak on the panel (that was part 1 of the 4 part series)3)  I’m more than 2 or 3 "hats" - I speak at a lot more than just these events.  There’s a bigger world than just search, laying claim to us is really kind of silly - my Ren Fair friends might be jealous, they claim me as theirs too (and guys.... they carry swords and sheilds).4)  Danny votes up a lot of SMG stories whether they are related to his conference or to others, Danny’s probably the fairest person on Sphinn.  You don’t need to bribe Danny - if he thinks its a good story he casts his sphinn, I’ve never seen him hold a grudge in this manner.I like all of you (just like I’m sure everyone else does).  I owe Danny the world, I respect all the Kevin(s) and really enjoy spending time at conferences with them. Could we just get you all to call each other out in private, because this is how those false accusations and rumors start.

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