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After reading the leaked "Quality Rater Guidelines" I was absolutely amazed at how basic a lot of the things are they have people looking for. Things that EASILY should be detected by the crawlers, not humans. Webmasters have long lived in fear of Google’s detection filters. Were these all people? What can Google honestly detect automatically?
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from seomike 3682 Days ago #
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Yes we give Google too much credit, but as a SEO dude it seems I have to follow and do what the mighty Google tells me because that is what my customers want and assume need to be done. Great article. I really like your site slightly shady SEO - we can all admit to being a little shady when it comes to her...

from sza 3682 Days ago #
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This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I can see sites with thousands of keywords stuffed hidden at the bottom getting away with it, having to suffer the ignominious fate of being #1 on their important keywords for years.

from baiduyou 3682 Days ago #
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FUD - Google’s most important spam-fighting strategy.

from bwelford 3681 Days ago #
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Thoughtful analysis.  Clearly any methods must be scaleable or they just won’t happen on a consistent basis.

from TinPig 3681 Days ago #
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@seomike - agreed on the point that most seo’s would admit to being slightly shady. Slightly himself might be a bit more shady than the rest of us, but you can’t compete these days without stepping into the shadows a for the google doc. does it really matter in the end? i mean, they can do whatever they want, whenever they want - which in itself is a problem.

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