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BOTW snagged over 30 ex-DMOZ original editors as their newest group of employees, affectionately dubbed "The Nerd Herd"
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from webuildpages 3577 Days ago #
Votes: 3

Beautiful Move Guys!  Brilliant!

from lorenbaker 3577 Days ago #
Votes: 2

Woah, this made it to the Sphinn homepage in less than 100 minutes. The world loves BOTW!

from Chubacabre 3577 Days ago #
Votes: -2

Congrats to BOTW & their new employees. Not sure what they’ve bought. ODP has 1000s of editors. What these folks are *taking* is the experience of a community. Not the community or its value. DMOZ is the source and managed by volunteers...this is why Search Engines start with ODP. 

from wrttnwrd 3576 Days ago #
Votes: 1

ODP loses over 30 editors. Now they’ll be slow. Oh, wait a second...

from DarkMatter 3576 Days ago #
Votes: -3

so, BOTW editors will now begin accepting bribes for listings?

from lorenbaker 3576 Days ago #
Votes: 1

@seoataglance : what was your original title? anchor text keywords?@ DarkMatter : LOL

from Chubacabre 3576 Days ago #
Votes: -1

Actually...I guess it is fair to say that "paying for placement" is the BOTW business model. Pay us...and we’ll place your site in the directory. Of course, this will have no material effect of where your site will rank in Google or other search engines. Perhaps this will create a new working relationship with ODP and make BOTW fairly attribute all of the ODP listings currently in their directory ( and in breach of the social contract ). Robjones, care to comment? You seemed to be wicked pissed about this before they cut you a check :)

from mistercharlie 3576 Days ago #
Votes: 4

"I guess it is fair to say that "paying for placement" is the BOTW business model. Pay us...and we’ll place your site in the directory."Evidently, you don’t know much about BOTW. The only thing that paying guarantees is a review of your site within three business days. We reject paid reviews frequently. We MOST definitely are not a "pay for placement" service. Do your homework."make BOTW fairly attribute all of the ODP listings currently in their directory ( and in breach of the social contract )."By policy we don’t have "ODP listings" in the BOTW directory. There are definitely instances when an over zealous editor has copied descriptions from DMOZ, and any editor doing such is quickly terminated. We respect the intellectual property rights of other organizations, and any editor working with BOTW knows there is a zero tolerance policy for "copy+paste" editing.We have a category feedback link at the bottom of every category in thh directory. Should you ever see something that you feel is in violation of any social contract, please notify us immediately.

from robjones3030 3576 Days ago #
Votes: 5

The artical referenced pretty much says it all. Can’t begin to say how excited I am to have an opportunity to work with this assorted lot of loonies again... lol... I’ve missed these guys. We’re happy to be here, and couldn’t ask for a better group to work with or for. The positive attitude and can-do spirit here is just downright infectious. Many thanks to the Best of the Web boys for taking on this rapidly growing Nerd Herd. Regards ~ RobPS: It ain’t the checks... it’s the T-shirts. :-)

from IncrediBILL 3485 Days ago #
Votes: 0

So BOTW hiring editors from the world’s most pathetic directory is a good thing?Glad they don’t have publicly traded stock because it would be about $0.01 or less tomorrow.

from robjones3030 3478 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Thanks Bill - Your concern for our future is kind but unecessary. :-) Whether you like or dislike their operation, Dmoz has had 80 thousand plus editors thru over the last decade. Every team has standouts, so we hired a tiny fraction, the cream of the crop who had expertise in areas we wished to target. They’ve adapted well to a very different business model, and are doing an outstanding job building and improving Botw to offer a better resource. BOTW has recently launched new products and has new projects underway... all is well.Resulting growth has been explosive, well in excess of what you’ll see elsewhere, not that numbers tell the whole story. "The Best" is about quality... and we’re experiencing the best of both worlds. We’re pleased with their work, and hope you will be too.

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