1. Google’s trying to throw you off the scent deliberately, because they…" />

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From the Page: "OK, there are one of three things going on here:

1. Google’s trying to throw you off the scent deliberately, because they don’t want you to "adjust" your links.
2. It’s just an oversight. The point was to explain the difference between SEO and "website optimization," not provide a detailed definition.
3. Google needs to hire me immediately, so I can train them on SEO. ;-)

Which gets your vote?"
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from dannysullivan 3637 Days ago #
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Um, overblown? I mean, I suppose hey could slightly expand the definition, but I think far too much is being read into it.

from DanThies 3637 Days ago #
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No kidding.. Every post I see with "google" or "matt cutts" and some variation of "official" seems to be anything but. Maybe one day this link baiting method will wear out.Maybe I can have my developers write a quick script to pull all these posts for the past year and do a sampling to see how many times the content comes close to meeting the title’s promise.

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