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Not exactly news for most of us, but nice of Adam Lasnik to spread the info before the official help documents are updated.

The post discusses the meta refresh addressing technically unexperienced publishers trying to rescue their stuff from free hosts.
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from g1smd 4247 Days ago #
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Matt Cutts hinted a very long time ago that this was maybe coming one day. In any case, you have to set this refresh up on a file-by-file basis, and it cannot be used to fix many of the canonicalisation issues that affect sites. If you can use .htaccess to make the changes, then always use that instead.

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from Sebastian 4247 Days ago #
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It’s not meant for those purposes. A meta refresh is just a "kiss my ass free host" farewell statement and shouldn’t be used for anything else.

from TimDineen 4246 Days ago #
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nice catch - thanks for posting this. And I think this is an important move on the part of the engines. It puts the power back in the hands of literally anyone who has access to the HTML files, not just those who understand or have access to IIS or .htaccess. I know that even I don’t have the type of easy access I’d like in order to be able to set 301s properly - that after I ran a web (and hosting) shop for a long time. I assume many regular (non-SEM) folks have less access than I do, less under-standing, etc. This at least allows the the ability to pretty easily do a 301 without too much hassling with a host, server admin, or even having t teach themselves about such.

from johnandrews 4246 Days ago #
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Perhaps another example of how blogging has changed Google’s perspective... a meta refresh was sketchy on web sites, but since so many people were on blogging services sans any server side controls, how else could they redirect? Google has to consider the audience, and bloggers on Moveable Type, Typepad etc. with meta refreshes are not spammers.

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