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Lately there’s been a hell of a lot of talk and drama about blogging smack-downs, reputation management in the event that someone wants to make you look a bit less favorable than you’d like, who’s right who’s wrong shoulda / coulda’s, and how we can make ourselves look better than the trolls who expose us.

Reputation management doesn’t have to mean cleaning up after a disaster. Maybe the best reputation management, happens BEFOREHAND.
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from oldschool 3658 Days ago #
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A few thoughts come to mind with regard to protecting your reputation.1. I agree with the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (not before they do unto you as some beleive). You know - you sow bad (karma) and it comes back to you and the opposite is also true.2. Focus on what matters.  I know many people that stay out of the blogosphere and related drama because they are focused on actually getting work done.  I have seen a disturing trend of people airing their dirty laundry in (professional) SEO arenas.  It would never fly in most "professional" arenas and actually would sort of blackball a person.3. "Keep your nose clean".  We’ve all heard this saying and it goes along with my 2nd point.  If you walk the "straght and narrow" people will have to make things up (i.e commit crimes of libel or defamation of character) to have something negative to say about you. 4. Be Honest.  Back in the erly 90’s I heard a man named Lattie McDonough say this about honesty and I never forgot it.  He sais "Honesty isn’t the best policy, it’s the only policy... to imply it is the best implies that there are shades of integrity and that isn’t true".  If you make a mistake own up to it - it’s not a crime to be human, but it can be a crime to admit when you’ve done something whether it was intentional or not (and it makes you look silly when the obvious evidence proves that you are lying).5. Don’t get involved in the drama.  I was IM’ing with a colleague recently and we were chatting about some recent events in the industry that have been bantered back and forth on blogs, etc.  My thought was "how did all of this drama get into the industry?".  Drama only perpetuates when people promote it.  Most issues wouldn’t be issued if they were ignored.Thats just my 2.0 cents and it was not directed towards anyone in particular (perhaps a guilty conscience might lead one to feel that way)

from SpostareDuro 3658 Days ago #
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thanks for your thoughts. noted and appreciated, as always. ;-)in a perfect world, things of this nature would not enter the professional arenas. but it is obviously not the age of perfection concerning this sort of drama. and to be honest, i am also of the belief that if a person is a certain way in their offline existence, it makes a statement as to who they are in their professional interactions as well. this is why the blogosphere and personal lives enmesh, in my opinion, creating a platform of necessity when divising the ’face’ we choose. the people we are will bleed into the blogosphere, because the blogosphere is a social thing. sincerity is something we seek in those we follow or interact with. therefore, we also seek sincerity with more than just a blog post. we seek it in their behaviors, attitudes with others, etc. so dawns the reality of social media. it’s no longer a dinner table for expectations as they used to be. it’s a whole new ball game. if we see that people are dirty dogs in their private lives, are we as likely to promote them in the professional endeavors? are we as likely to purchase what they sell? why would we trust it? trust them? trust who they work for? their opinions? will we see them as reliable? we may not be able to keep from making mistakes. but if we want to take hold of our reputations, we must learn to admit them and make revisions as necessary, or not commit the crime, so to speak. all is wide open and there’s nothing we can do about it. right or wrong, this is the way it will work in the blogosphere. it is already working out that way and will continue to do so. prevention of damaging situations may not always be possible. but then again, we have a responsibility to consumers as well as ourselves and others to use preventive measures. if we do not want the exposure, we are in the wrong business. (social media) i didn’t set these rules, i am simply observing what is happening due to the influx of social media participants who have various personalities and passions. myself included. we can do unto others as we would have done to us, or it’s possible that negative consequences will occur.

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