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Tad via SE Optimise - SEO is purely virtual and limited to the Internet it can’t stink, so it can’t be bullshit either. Unfortunately this link bait tactic based on this false information has already spread and other people are using it. Now as Matt Cutts truthfully has spoken out about this problem I’m sure they all get banned. I’m glad. Please Google, ban them all. We really need a Ministry of Truth.
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from theGypsy 2352 Days ago #
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I have officially retired my Sphinn clicker on this story... and it is becomming quite tiresome to see how we all over-react with each week’s ’big story’ - I’d rather read a made up story than to keep seeing 100 versions of each week’s drama......ugh.... my new Soap Opera - As the stomach turns...nuff said...

from onreact 2352 Days ago #
Votes: -3

Pople love soap operas, isn’t it what SEO is about, giving people what they seek?

from theGypsy 2351 Days ago #
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lol... yeah Tad... I am gonna start a weekly SEM Tabloid ... sounds like a perfect idea the way things tend to go... hee hee....

from onreact 2351 Days ago #
Votes: -2

Yeah, exactly. I already see the headlines: "Matt Cutts bites dog for eating spam".

from Lyndon 2349 Days ago #
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What’s on the menu tonight?Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, linkbait and chips.

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