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When it comes to blogging, there are 13 different types of posts that bloggers have in their arsenals. Gyutae Park breaks it down.
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from Gamermk 3669 Days ago #
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I challenge anyone who reads this to try to use all 13 types of posts in this article in 1 month :DExcellent article!

from cre8pc 3669 Days ago #
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"use all 13 types of posts in this article in 1 month"Why?If a type of writing or angle or "type" doesn’t fit the business requirements or theme of a blog, why force something that doesn’t belong there?  Rants on corporate blogs or travel site blogs?  No.  Life streaming in a news blog?  No.  Videos and images in blogs for special needs users who require assistive technology to access a site?  No.The suggestions are great but what works in one type of blog will not work in another, especially when creating and nurturing a brand are on the list of goals.

from Gamermk 3668 Days ago #
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Good point cre8pc, I was looking at the challenge more from a "for people new to blogging" standpoint than a "developing your business blog, etc" view. That being said while forcing yourself to do all of these in a month is probably a poor choice in many cases... it’s equally incorrect to say corporate or travel blogs should never rant. Each type of article is a tool and unique challenges sometimes require unconventional approaches.Even in the extreme case of a blog for special needs users and video content, this still could be used when discussing the very topic of "How to get value out of video content?" where it shares unique and practical approaches of taking the video content provided in the post and making it into something digestable by a special needs user.

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