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Matt Cutts has issued a warning on twitter to those who lie in their reconsideration requests to Google:

"Don’t lie in a reconsideration request. Just don’t go there at all. Makes Matt *angry*! Matt smash spam!"

Here are three good resources for those who wish to file a reconsideration request with Google:

Filing a reinclusion request

Video: Reinclusion requests

How do I request reconsideration of my site?
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from toddmintz 3655 Days ago #
Votes: 1

This might be the first individual Tweet to go hot on Sphinn.

from randfish 3655 Days ago #
Votes: 3

It’s not just "lies" - it’s lies of omission. They want you to "give up your link broker’s name, address, etc." If it was black hat SEO, they want the name of the SEO and the company name. It’s very personal, which in some ways is surprising.

from webprofessor 3655 Days ago #
Votes: -2

What Rand said... its really alarming the crud they think you should tell them. IMO you should lie and tell them it was a company that already has a bad reputation and go from there.

from sza 3655 Days ago #
Votes: 1

"This might be the first individual Tweet to go hot on Sphinn."This might be the lowest value piece ever going hot on Sphinn.

from streko 3655 Days ago #
Votes: 0

"This might be the lowest value piece ever going hot on Sphinn."i wish. i can post examples if you like.

from tykeblog 3654 Days ago #
Votes: 0

I hear the ’reconsideration requests’ provide Google Employees with a thigh slapping good laugh.I was actually thinking of doing a Lydon style linkbate tale, complete with ’dear john’ stories of dog/parot/wife dying, bit of imagination.Matt should publish and let us all have a laugh.

from Harith 3654 Days ago #
Votes: 0

toddmintz"This might be the first individual Tweet to go hot on Sphinn."I’m glad to see it going hot. And that illustrates the power of Sphinn in covering a wide range of Socialmedia. Send comment HTML is disabled  

from sza 3266 Days ago #
Votes: 0

That’s fun. It’s the third time I’m desphinning this and it keeps going away.

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