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Everett Sizemore the Tony Soprano of link building describes the concept of laundering your link juice
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from everett 2720 Days ago #
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You want we should buy dose links boss? Fuhgettaboudit...Belasco was making a joke, BTW. In reality, my link building efforts don’t go so dark that I have to "launder" anything at all. I just thought it worth mentioning how easily someone can turn a perfectly "legitimate" link building tactic into something more nefarious.The truth is, sometimes it all comes down to perception. Whether you call it fortifying external links or laundering link juice, it’s really the same thing with different shades of intent, method and scalability.

from everett 2719 Days ago #
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By the way, if you’re interested in some ways to fortify links using "white hat" methods, check out: . This is the same ol’ tactic used by anyone who has been doing reputation management over the last couple of years. The darker hats will quickly realize that they can often get away with using less-than-ethical link building techniques to build page-rank into these social profile pages, which then pass on page-rank to their own pages without drawing as much algorithmic or human attention to the link profile of their own site.

from hyperdog 2719 Days ago #
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Creating links to your links is a great way to get them found, too! Why wait for the Googlebot to work it’s way to your link? Great post - thanks for the guest blog entry, Everett!

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