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One former executive, now suing Google over her treatment, says that the firm’s personnel department is “collapsing” and that “absolute chaos” reigns. When she was hired, nobody knew when or where she was supposed to work, and the balloons that all Nooglers get delivered to their desks ended up God knows where. She started receiving detailed e-mails “enforcing” Google’s outward informality by reminding her that high heels and jewellery were inappropriate. Before the corporate ski trip, it was explained that “if you wear fur, they will kill you.”

Google is a paradise only for some, she argues. Employees who predate the IPO resemble aristocracy. Engineers get the most kudos, people with other functions decidedly less so. Bright kids just out of college tend to love it, because the Googleplex in effect replaces their university campus—with a dating scene, a laundry service and no reason to leave at weekends. Older Googlers with families tend to like it less, because “everybody, even young mums, works seven days a week.”
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from swags2804 3615 Days ago #
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Wow. That’s quite a post, and a great find. Beware: Google will eat your children. It sounds like a David Lynch film at Googleplex. All sweetness and light on the outside, but a seething underbelly on the inside. Maybe their next move will be to lock their employees in, ensuring they never leave.

from Jeeb90 3615 Days ago #
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Employees have chided Google at Valleywag. If you look at the comments of this post, many people rant:

from brian 3615 Days ago #
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It’s bittersweet as it’s the best company I have ever worked for and will be the best company I will have ever worked for when all is said and done.Also, plenty of people have reasonable 5-day work weeks.

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from Jill 3614 Days ago #
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It was a good article that told all sides of the story. No company is gonna be perfect, especially one that has grown so quickly.

from Harith 3613 Days ago #
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I read once that Googlers are getting plenty to eat at Googleplex for free. That by itself should make GOOG a good company to work for :-)

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