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"A couple of weeks ago, Adobe announced that it was working with Google and Yahoo! on making Flash content easier to index in search engines. Google said it was using the search-engine specific Flash player that Adobe had made available (Yahoo!’s integration is still in the works). While I think it’s great and absolutely vital that search engines continue to evolve beyond strictly text (to ensure they are providing the best possible experience for their users), I don’t think this announcement means that all the Flash content on the web will now suddenly start ranking in search results and I don’t think that Flash developers can stop thinking about search engine optimization."
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from DevinDavis 4167 Days ago #
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I went to submit this and it was already here. And so I searched it out to sphinn it. That’s how good it is.An absolute must-read of Vanessa telling it like it is, and what search-friendly flash really means...

from bbcarter 4165 Days ago #
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Feedback on Flash thing from our one of our developer-designers:"The nit picking of Google’s ability to read Flash files is getting a little old. People seem to forget something: Google doesn’t really need to crawl Flash sites. Your reference to Versus and why it’s a poorly optimized site is a perfect example.Versus does not care about this site being ranked by Google, it’s simple just not important to them. It’s a temporary site setup to temporarily promote their contest, text campaign, the brand, and of course the Tour. They have the budget to put money into effective traditional advertising as well as, one would assume, banner ads and other forms of PPC.If Versus was that concerned with ranking (or any site someone builds), they would not have used Flash to build the site. Flash has its place, and with SEO ranking it’s not one of them. Note the ranking of Versus traditional, HTML site…Also, you mention that only a small amount of text was used on the Flash file. I had to assume you were wrong, you simply cannot tell by looking at a flash file whether there’s text, or an image the way you can with HTML. The cool thing about Flash is you can embed fonts with your published movie and can achieve the same effect that you would get with an image (saving file size and making updates easier too).I decompiled the Versus Flash file and to my surprise, ONLY images were used (so you were right). I could not find a single instance of text, not even to the text you had mentioned (kind of right ). The developers could have easily used text fields, but chose not to.Just because a site exists in the world wide web, it doesn’t mean that Google has to crawl it and that SEO is the only way to promote it. There are wealthy businesses out there that don’t depend on Google’s free advertising for survival."

from JohnHGohde 4161 Days ago #
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I would simply point out to clients how recent this Flash change is. Far too soon to tell just how effectively Flash sites will show up in Google. As far as I am concerned, Text is still King in Google.

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