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Wil’s wheels are turning, he’s got some good thoughts going here......
Here’s the problem…the ad for a CMMS/EAM software appears to be BEHAVIORAL, yes I said it. I was logged out of my account when the ad showed.

I only visited that site because I talked about how they are spamming in a tweet.

This sounds like behavioral targeting to me in some way, shape, or form. Why else would a Google Knol page show an UNRELATED ad (I was on a backpacking page) for something I searched for and a site I visited almost 22 days ago?
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from dannysullivan 2259 Days ago #
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Interesting. Like to know more, and could see it happened for other reasons, though.

from storyspinner 2259 Days ago #
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certainly got my attention :)  Wil’s on his way to San Fran, hopefully he’ll explain more when he lands!

from wilreynolds 2259 Days ago #
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Start asking, my flight is delayed 100 minutes - I’ll break it all down.I have a new client who competes with As part of my research I was seeing who was in their landscape, that is how I found I posted the find to my twitter on July 7th Obviously I don’t have too much to learn from that site - so I haven’t visited it since.  Fast forward to today, I am on Google Knol doing some research on it like any good SEO should.  I was not logged into my google account at the time.  I decided to do that query based on an article I read on blogoscoped I saw that page with the ad for tero.caBased on seeing that Ad I deduced the following:1 - There has to be some behavioral element at play because I haven’t been to that site in 17 days2 - The ad was TOTALLY unrelated to the content3 - Google has the ability to target ads based on the content of a page (adsense)4 - So why would I see an unrelated ad for a site I was on 17 days ago?Please shoot holes in this theory, I want to figure out how I culd be wrong.

from dedmond29 2259 Days ago #
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Maybe it is just a bit of a bug - since "backpack" could be in relation to the personal mgmt software AND other advertisers have the content network off (if Knol is part of the content network).Was looking at a couple other knols (wood trim and kitchen faucet installation) and the ads seem appropriate.  Thoughts?

from dedmond29 2258 Days ago #
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BTW - I was logged in to Gmail (inadvertantly) so I checked on another machine and saw similar results

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