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One of the main uses I see for FriendFeed is as a reputation monitoring and management tool.

Here are five ways to utilize the service for rep management and monitoring:
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from JohnHGohde 3584 Days ago #
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You can say what you want to, but I do not see any compelling reason to use FriendFeed for reputation management. Personally, I prefer to use Free WordPress blogs. Also, seems to me that Sphinn itself is a good way to organize social media.

from dsnyder 3584 Days ago #
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I gave you five compelling reasons, and this is more about monitoring, which Wordpress blogs do not allow

from tamar 3583 Days ago #
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Does anyone here actually actively use FriendFeed?  I feel like I’m the only one. :( (See ).  And I mean actually *using* it -- as in engaging with the individuals there, not just sharing your 599342 feeds. I also agree with Dave here; it’s a great reputation tracking tool.  It’s also a great conversation medium.  John, I’d have to respectfully disagree with you that "Sphinn itself is a good way to organize social media."  If you put your eggs in one single basket, you won’t achieve as much success as you would if you spread yourself a little (just a little) thinner.

from dsnyder 3583 Days ago #
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Tamar,The great thing about FF is that you dont really spread yourself much thinner since the platform puts everything in one place. I think its uses havent even been fully discovered yet. I see the tool as an amazing link building tool, but its ORM uses are also very powerful. Lets think outside the box of simple alerts and begin to look at reputation in a networking sense; that is what politicians do.

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