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Ann Smarty writes, "Keyword position should not be the ultimate goal of SEO campaign and hence it shouldn’t be an SEO process success metric. That’s the point I’d like to further discuss here. I’ve outlined the pros and cons of most popular SEO measurement items."
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from Alysson 3565 Days ago #
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A much needed reminder that there is much more to an Internet marketing strategy than ranking alone.  True - if people can’t find you, not much else matters...but if they find a site and hate it, isn’t that almost worse than them never finding it at all?  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Build and promote for users first - rankings and visibility should naturally follow.

from Chris1 3564 Days ago #
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I measure all my campaigns in $$$.

from Halfdeck 3563 Days ago #
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None of the three metrics are central to any of my campaigns. I do track them all but what really matters is what you’re putting into the black box not what’s coming out. If you already know doing X results in Y you don’t need to track Y, just X. For example, you know posting frequently generally leads to more RSS subscribers and higher link velocity. Tracking how many blog posts you publish/week, in that case, is more productive than looking at ranking shifts, traffic increases, or conversions. Acting on ranking shifts lead to reactive SEO, whereas acting on input variables pushes a campaign steadily forward. Not saying you should ignore those metrics but its important to stay focused on things that matter and not be distracted every time there’s a dip in traffic, ranking, or conversions.

from yojpotter2 3562 Days ago #
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I agree with this post from Ann..rankings should not always be the end goal..because there are other things to consider in measuring your SEO success.

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