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Interesting findings that illustrate why popular ranking software packages aren’t approved by Google.
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from JohnHGohde 3759 Days ago #
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Speaking of John Mu, and his own oy-oy website, who is now a googler, has been guilty of doing the very same thing online for a very long time.  So, have hundreds if not thousands of other websites that check a whole bunch stuff across Google’s datacenters online.No more opportunity for profit there, than if purchased software had checked the very same thing.  Or, am I missing something, here?If Google actually paid 12 cents for every search that I have made, they would have gone out of business a very long time ago.

from beussery 3759 Days ago #
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@JohnHGohde >Or, am I missing something, here?>If Google actually paid 12 cents for every >search that I have made, they would >have gone out of business a very long >time ago.Thanks for your feedback and checking out my post but, that is the formula and those are the numbers.  That said, please feel free to check my math. :) Keep in mind, it takes 700-1000 machines to process a single query.  I think the difference between "good tools" and "bad tools" as well as the key issue is, some tools obey robots directives and/or have permission from Google while others do not.You’re totally right if it weren’t for users clicking ppc ads, Google may not be where it is today.

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