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Sales and marketing earned bad reputations in the minds of many that still exist today. High pressure sales techniques, outright lies, and deceptive practices all contributed to that and they may still exist in some places. What we all must realize, though, is none of that is necessary and those practices are certainly not recommended. Today we can use advertising and marketing to tell the truth and help interested parties get the information they desire to make the best decision for them. For some good tips on how to do this check out this blog post written by a marketer after my own heart: one who knows that shared abundance and win-win decisions are the path to prosperity for all.
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from dsemmler 3890 Days ago #
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These are a few great tips that are easy to implement but can go a long way in making your clients feel that they are receiving value in return.

from Jab 3885 Days ago #
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Hmmm, I don`t know what to think about your post. these were the first things they told me in marketing school 8 years ago. Nothing new and therefore a little disappointing. Especially as these general marketing priciples do not always count for the net. The more ugly a website looks the more money the ads generate. The more you spam, the more money you make...just to name a few. Online marketing is still a teenager and so are most people in online marketing. I think, online marketing is still bullcrap. Bullcrap you can make a lot of money with. I`m curious how I will look at it in 5 years, but for now it is like I said (from my experience).@ dsemmler: who has clients? Most of the people in online marketing do not have clients and they just try to sell as much as they can to anybody (Dialer, Adware,...etc.) These are the guys making the money for the few companies that have clients. :)

from iPhone 3883 Days ago #
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The rules are great, but are not specific to marketing...they fit everything, like the Golden Rule. I would like to add: "Play nice, Don’t pull hair and Brush after every meal.":)

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