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Oh, the Lovely Client…Some Ideas On How to Get Along with Your Web-Services Provider....#1 You Are Not Our Only Client, #3 Please Don’t Waste Time Calling Me to Tell Me You Emailed, cuz I Know You Did, #8 I Am Fully Aware That the Economy Is Bad and Money Is Tight For You; It is For Me Too
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from peterryan 3512 Days ago #
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bless you my friend

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from MelissaF 3512 Days ago #
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LOL :-)

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from Jill 3512 Days ago #
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There are a lot of good points raised in the post.A few things that might help...Choose your clients wisely. If they seem like a pain in the ass before they’ve even signed a contract, chances are they’ll be more of one after they’ve paid you something.It’s really, really, really difficult to be profitable with a web design business, especially with all the revisions that are often necessary (as outlined in the post). Make sure your contract outlines exactly how many revisions they get, and define exactly what a revision consists of.In fact, constantly adding/editing your typical contract each time something icky happens with a client that you didn’t expect, should help later when a client comes and says you didn’t do what you were supposed to do, or that they shouldn’t have to pay for something. Nothing is better than being able to point to the contract which they willingly signed and saying, "’s all right here."

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