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Muhammad Saleem yesterday wrote a list of the reasons that he might thumb someone down whilst using Stumbleupon.
I thought it would be a good exercise to come up with as many creative reasons why someone might Stumble one of your articles.
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from AndyBeard 3915 Days ago #
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Dwain you are in a difficult situation with your audience, because you are teaching all kinds of time management skills and Stumbleupon, like many forms of social networking can become an extreme form of procrastination.Thus it is something that is hard to introduce to your audience, particularly when the most immediate effect from it isn’t really your own doing. 

from planetc1 3915 Days ago #
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Thanks for including me on that list. :)

from Tinu 3915 Days ago #
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@ Andy, Well, he could write five tips to be productive on a social media site. 1- have a set plan 2- use a timer (many phones have them, you can use a computer alarm or an egg timer or a stop watch) 3- learn the tricks of power users to save time 4- tabbed windows so you can vist, read and vote. 5- do other marketing work first if possible, or put it at the end of your day/week when slacking off can double as good networking. Dwainj, those tips are just off the top braining, you can have them if you like. Share and share alike and all that. planetc1, hi! And Andy again. thanks for the inclusion. You’re aces.

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