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With web forms playing such an important role in the completing goals, it goes without saying that we should optimize the heck out of them. Below are 25 tips for doing just that.
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from yetanotherben 3462 Days ago #
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This point catches me out all the time: "Clear the Clear Button: Having a clear button next to the submit button just makes it easier for customers to accidentally delete what they’ve entered. Skip this unnecessary feature."- good advice!

from CanarsieBK 3462 Days ago #
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serves as a good checklist of things to look for when optimizing forms. ditching the captcha is interesting since they are so common place these days. worth running a test on it though.

from asnider 3462 Days ago #
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I’m not surprised that ditching captcha’s increases conversions. Even though I know that captchas can help cut down on spam, they see to get more and more difficult to read every few months (as the spammers find out ways of cracking the captchas). I’ve seen several captchas that were actually unreadable to me. If a human can’t pass your Turing Test, you’re not going to make any sales.

from JohnHGohde 3461 Days ago #
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I stopped using captchas in comments.  Have not received a single spam comment since.  It is all a matter of using the right Wordpress plugins. Prior to dropping captchas I had received about a 1,000 spam comments within 8 months.

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