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It’s not just the US candidates that have taken up social media and started using it as a political tool. Countries overseas are also getting into the social media landscape. Romania has the first Prime Minister in the European Union to get both a twitter and a Facebook account along with the launch of his new website.
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from Alysson 3521 Days ago #
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I believe people underestimate the power of social media to truly bring people around the world together in unprecedented ways.  I’ve met people online from Iceland to the UK through social media.  Nothing helps us find common ground and work toward a common purpose like building relationships and rapport with those outside our home countries.  In honor of my Australian online pals, "GOOD ON YA, MATES!"  Let’s build a global community that encourages us find our similarities and maybe we’ll all spend less time vilifying one another for our differences! 

from onreact 3520 Days ago #
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Romania, formerly one of the poorest countries in Europe is one the fastest evolving now. They build great software, have great social media power users and the yhae the Nokia factories germany has lost...

from Sharkyx 3520 Days ago #
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It’s not fastly evolving, Tad. We’re hit up by arthe world recession just as hard as everyone else and there are still a lot of things really mest up around here, like people’s mentality, but things are, indeed, changing. Speaking of the subject at hand, I was as surprised as any of you guys when I found Mr. Prim Minister’s Facebook and Twitter account. This shows both open mindness and good PR staff around him.

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