"By making more information available online, our habits are changing. We’re teaching…" />

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My debut article in SEL’s "Just Behave" column.

"By making more information available online, our habits are changing. We’re teaching one another new tricks and evolving together."
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from heymcd 3462 Days ago #
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This article starts by assuming lot fat = healthy as a proven fact.(Low fat = obesity epidemic.)This article ends by assuming that Darwin & evolution = truth.(Cataclysm = death to dinosaurs.)The conclusions about search behavior are likewise weak.

from WillSEOForFood 3462 Days ago #
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@heymcd - obesity epidemic is from the high carb and thus low fat ideals. Go look at any "lower fat" or "no Fat" or "Low fat" product and compare it to the original. The one thing you’re going to notice is the marked increase in sugar and carbs. Refined sugar type of carbs especially like our friend high fructose corn syrup. These are the no fiber kind of carbs. Why is diabetes so rampant now as compared to just 25 years ago? what is the problem with type II diabetes? The inability to properly use sugars or insulin resistance. What is a carb? a sugar...Just felt like that needed to be said even on a post about the internet ;)... Look at the changes in the american diet especially and you will see a VERY distinct difference and that difference is sugar and the low fat craze.

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