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Barry got the inside scoop on what changes Google made to the Adwords algos - straight from Google. Interesting tidbits that everyone should read.
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from tchale 3483 Days ago #
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Very Interesting.I had been working undert the assumption that CTR was normalized for position when calculating Quality Score.Turns out that may have been less true than now.-Tom Hale,AdWords Specialist,Thomas Creek Concepts

from bbcarter 3483 Days ago #
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A few more insights from our AdWords peeps (we were trying to find out whether historical performance was retained at the keyword or account level and temporarily or permanently): - Quality Score for an individual account IS affected by the CTR of all keywords within that account. - The overall quality score of an account can in turn affect the quality score of keywords within the account. - Historical performance stays with a keyword no matter where you move it within an account. If the quality score of a keyword has been poor historically, that poor historical performance CAN continue to affect that keyword quality score. - The updated quality score allows for previously ’inactive for search’ keywords to be eligible to enter into a search auction, even if these keywords performed poorly in the past. - If one of these newly eligible keywords begins to accrue clicks and impressions and establishes a decent CTR, that can help the quality score of the keyword. This can in turn help the overall quality score of the account. - If a keyword that has performed poorly in the past continues to perform poorly, that can in turn continue to hurt the overall quality score of the account.

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