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A take of Prashant on SEOrefugee’s blog post. I personally feel SEOs must blog. What do you say?
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from StalkerB 3514 Days ago #
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Dunno what to make of this going top of the hot list. Thought it was spammy with self submission and paid sphinning, but recognise some real people have Sphunn it too.I found it incredibly hard to read, although appreciate English isn’t the first language here. I can about follow the points made and suppose it may generate some discussion.Not going to Desphinn it, but need to think about what I make of this post. Just thinking out loud.

from theGypsy 3514 Days ago #
Votes: 2

Well, I think there was some traction in affect here as well though. The conversation around the original post (in the comments on SEOR and here) likely helped. That’s why it’s ’social’ media ;0) -- I gave up trying to understand the wisdom of the crowds long ago... just go with the flow.Strangely enough my comments on the original weren’t as much about outing techniques (as per the originl post) as it was taking some of Jill’s comments out of context. Either way, they are simply offering their perspective in a continuing dialogue. Thus it likely has legs because of this... continuing dialogue (without regurgitation) is a very ’social’ activity..One learns that Sphinn is often as much about the social as the quality... I don’t like every paper I read, show I watch or tune I hear... life is an imperfect place ;0(I myself didn’t find it hard to read, but I work with an international crew. I would give it a Sphinn for continuing the dialogue, but I am trying to refrain from Sphinning things that have a relation to me (as I was mentioned in the post) - so I shall leave it at that (keeping up appearances and all that lot)

from mpind 3514 Days ago #
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@Stalker: Perhaps you need to know international friends a lot more. Perhaps! :)

from wheel 3513 Days ago #
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Having friends - that’s exacty the point.  The only way this was sphunn was due to ’friend’s’.  the sphinns had nothing to do with the quality of the article.  I suppose it says something when even the submitter openly admits using influence not quality to get an article sphunn.If this was link building, having your name show up in the sphinn list on this article would be called a bad neighborhood.

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